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A few important things to consider when renting out a storage unit

People often don’t give much thought about renting storage units in Warragul and this is a mistake that may cost you dearly. You might think - what else is there to think about? You’re just out to rent space to store your stuff. However there are certainly a couple of things that you’d do well to consider when you’re dealing with storage facilities in Warragul, Victoria.

Now one mistake that most people make when it comes to renting a self storage unit is that they are solely concerned about cost, so that they lose sight of everything else. Remember that your choice of a storage unit will affect among other things the amount of time and money that you’d have to spend moving and storing your property into it.

The first thing that you’ll need to consider when choosing storage units in Warragul is of course size. You need a storage unit that is big enough to store your property and perhaps a bit more for when you need to add more stuff in the future. Don’t make the mistake of settling for less space than you actually need with the intention of jam packing everything in. You could risk damaging your property or the storage unit itself which you could be held accountable for.

Now that you’ve sized your storage unit accordingly, the next step is to choose the right type for your storage needs. There are generally two kinds of self storage facility that you can rent out - a temperature controlled unit and a garage style unit. Temperature controlled units offer a good environment for your assets but generally require more work to load and unload. These units are often housed inside buildings which means you’ll have to load your property into a vehicle, take it out and get into an elevator just to reach the floor where your storage unit is located. If you’re paying a moving company for the job then you’ll find that the total cost can be quite significant and often takes most people by surprise.

A garage style self storage unit is generally cheaper but offers minimal protection against the elements which makes it unsuitable for extended storage especially when you’re dealing with furniture and sensitive items such as electronics, antique wares and works of art. However when you’re dealing with large items that you are looking to store for just a few months then a garage style rental storage unit might just be the better option.

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Advice on Choosing Storage Units in Warragul

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